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Spørgsmål og svar om vores nye navn og udseende

  • Do you see more than drugs in an analysis?
    No, we see nothing but the very drugs we are looking for.
  • Do you also track medicines?
    Yes, medicines can be abused just like any other drug. Today, drugs are our biggest addiction after cannabis and therefore important to track.
  • Why do you take A and B tests?
    We take A and B samples as extra security to be able to do a new analysis if necessary. It is rarely necessary, but if a person disputes their result, we should be able to do another analysis. This is to achieve the highest possible legal certainty and applies to all accredited laboratories. We save all samples for 4 weeks and forensic samples for 2 years.
  • Which analysis method is best?
    Of course, it depends on what you want to track. If you do not have a specific request for which drugs you want to trace, we recommend a saliva analysis. Saliva analyzes cannot be manipulated, have a 0 percent margin of error and track 73 different drugs in the same sample. Saliva analyzes thus give you a very broad picture of a possible addiction.
  • Is it possible to manipulate a drug test?
    Yes, urine samples and above all rapid tests can be manipulated. Therefore, people being tested must always be monitored. Saliva analyses, on the other hand, are in principle impossible to manipulate because our testers are opposite and the procedure is quick and safe.
  • Vad är HHC för substans?
    HHC är en THC-liknande substans som nu är olaglig men fram till sommaren 2023 var HHC fortfarande lagligt i Sverige.
  • Testa brett eller smalt?
    Prodia förespråkar att testa brett. Det är ett destruktivt smörgåsbord där ute, med ett brett utbud. Det är vanligt att man tar substanser som inte är dom klassiska. Risken är att man missar missbruk om man tester smalt.
  • Prodias salivanalys spårar både modersubstanser och metaboliter. Varför är det så viktigt?
    Det är två viktiga anledningar: 1. Vissa metaboliter kan detekteras under en längre tid tillbaka än huvudsubstansen så det ger möjlighet att fånga bruket längre tillbaka i tiden. Ex Heroin omvandlas inom loppet av sekunder till andra substanser så det går inte att hitta utan metaboliter. 2. Påvisa biopassage, att substansen har passerat genom kroppen.
  • Do we need to have drug testing written into our drug policy?
    Yes, in order for you to drug test as an employer, you need a policy to refer to. The policy needs to be anchored by unions and employees. We at Prodia have extensive experience in drawing up and developing drug policies and will help you in your work.
  • Do you use rapid tests when you do workplace drug tests?
    No, at workplaces we only take samples which are then analyzed at our lab MVZ Labor Dessau in Germany. Rapid tests for urine or saliva are not reliable enough as test methods for workplace drug testing.
  • Why are random drug tests good?
    An unannounced random drug test is effective both for detecting drugs and for a preventive purpose. An addiction often includes hiding and denying one's addiction, so it is a good idea to have a positive drug test as a starting point. The result will be a natural start to the dialogue regarding treatment and continuation forward. An unannounced drug testing event is also a concrete way to bring your policy to life by turning words into action. It will be an opportunity for both staff and employees to learn more about drug testing.
  • How do you do the random selection?
    We only use employment numbers when making the random selection. All employment numbers are compiled in a list and from there a number of numbers are picked at random. The numbers are matched against the names of the employees and we ask these people to submit samples.
  • What can I expect from a random drug testing session?
    You can expect positive results. Our statistics show that around 5 percent of the people tested test positive on the first occasion. The same statistics show that that figure has halved already a year later.
  • How many employees do you recommend testing per year?
    Testing 25 percent of the workforce is practice and a percentage we recommend. The exact number can of course vary in reality, we will agree on the degree of testing together before your first appointment. Some companies want to test everyone, others less. We adapt to your business and present proposals based on knowledge and experience of your industry.
  • Do you work throughout Sweden?
    Yes, we reach all of Sweden and can go out to all workplaces throughout the country to do both alcohol and drug testing.
  • Do you test at night?
    Yes, we test when it suits you best. Random testing during a night shift is often the only way to reach night-time staff.
  • What is an MRO doctor?
    An MRO doctor, or Medical Review Officer as the abbreviation is printed, has special competence in interpreting drug analyzes and quality-assuring handling from sample collection to test results. The MRO physician is the person who first contacts the employee who has tested positive. The contact takes place in order to find out in the first instance if there are natural causes for the result. Such causes may be prescription medications or temporary pain relievers after surgery.
  • How does this affect me?
    With a change of name, we take the opportunity to update our appearance at the same time. This helps us strengthen our brand, improve our accessibility and reach out with our services that help workplaces and businesses make the world a little healthier. But apart from the fact that we hope you think you've got a slightly nicer supplier, the changes shouldn't affect you very much in your daily work.
  • Do we need to change anything in our supplier register?
    As we change the name, you may need to update it in your register of suppliers. Everything else will be exactly as before - we will not change the bank account, organization number or any other company details.
  • Will you exchange contact details?
    Most of the ways of contact will be the same as always, the only thing we will change are email addresses. For a time, mail to our previous email accounts will automatically be forwarded to the corresponding new address. Our new addresses are constructed in the same way as the old ones, you just remove "gnostics". Like this: becomes, for example. ATTENTION! Change of e-mail addresses only takes place on November 15, until then the same applies as now.
  • I have received an invoice, email or communication with your old appearance, what does this mean?
    On November 9, 2022, we launched our new website and updated most of our material, but it may still take a while before everything new is in place everywhere. So if you come across our old look with our old logo, don't worry - we're just in a renovation phase.
  • Why are the analysis portal and webshop not updated?
    We will be updating all our different pages, but we need to do the work piece by piece and therefore you may find pages that are not yet fully updated. But we promise, everything will gradually get a real refresh.
  • Are these new login details for the webshop/portal?
    No, it works exactly the same as before. In the webshop you log in with your customer number and password, in the portal with BankID, SITHS card or two-factor authentication.
  • Where do I go with feedback on the new website or look?
    We have done our best to include everything good and important in the update, but you are of course very welcome to contact us at if you have feedback that can help us or if you discover that something is not correct on the website.

Nu skærer vi vores firmanavn af og laver et redesign. Det betyder, at vi begynder at bruge vores nye logo, vores nye farver og lancerer en helt ny hjemmeside. Her finder du svar på ting, du måske vil vide om, hvordan vores redesign påvirker dig.

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