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Saliva analysis

A test with many advantages. We have low limit values that give a longer trace time, we analyze over 70 substances per sample, it is easy to take and difficult to manipulate.

Laboratory analysis

Low limit values that give longer track time

When should I choose saliva analysis?

När ska jag välja salivanalys?

Saliva analysis should be chosen when you want to avoid the risk of manipulation, avoid handling urine and get a result that gives a broad picture of the addiction.

The sampling process does not violate anyone's privacy and is particularly beneficial in situations where, for example, your client has a history of abuse.

Searchable cross-reactions

Snabbtester gjorda i urinprov kan ge positiva resultat för vissa droger även om personen inte tagit den aktuella drogen i sin rena form. Detta beror på korsreaktioner som uppstår när testets antikroppar reagerar med en medicin som personen tar. Alla kända korsreaktioner finns dokumenterade och tillgängliga för dig att söka bland.

Till korsreaktioner

Searchable cross-reactions

Så funkar gränsvärden

The limit value is the minimum concentration of a drug that a test or analysis can detect. The lower the concentration of a drug an analysis can read from a sample, the lower the limit value of the analysis.

Our tests are designed to optimize drug discovery while excluding false positives.

More about limit values

This is how limit values work
Our forensic laboratory

För analyser av prover samarbetar vi sedan många år med det ackrediterade rättsmedicinska laboratoriet MVZ Labor Dessau Kassel GmbH i Tyskland. 

MVZ Labor Dessau tillhör det absoluta toppskiktet bland europeiska laboratorier och som samarbetspartner är vi exklusiv distributör och återförsäljare i Sverige och Skandinavien.

For analyzes and samples, we collaborate with one of the world's best laboratories.
Secure and difficult-to-manipulate analysis

Our saliva analysis is hygienic, easy to take, gives you the same detection time as a urine sample and analyzes over 70 drugs and medicines in the same sample. Within 5 days of the sample arriving at the laboratory, you will receive a legally valid result delivered digitally.

The sample is incredibly difficult to manipulate because you are sitting with the person taking the sample the whole time and, unlike urine, the sample cannot be diluted by, for example, drinking water before taking the sample.

The saliva analysis is used by the majority of treatment units across the country.

"Within 5 days of the sample arriving at the laboratory, you will receive a legally valid result delivered digitally"

Susanne Nidemar
Founder of Prodia

 Susanne Nidemar Founder of Prodia
Prodia Saliva analysis

A simple test with many advantages

Low limit values that give longer track time

Analyzes over 70 substances per sample

Shows both parent substance and metabolites

Legally sustainable results within a week

Protects privacy

Quick and easy sampling

Difficult to manipulate

Amphetamine has a long detection time in our saliva analysis, here we can trace intake about 7 days back. The analysis in saliva is not pH-dependent in the way that it is in urine and therefore cannot be manipulated with, for example, lemon.

Cocaine also has a long detection time in our saliva analysis, up to about 7 days.

Benzodiazepines are tracked well in both saliva and urine, however, blood is still the best safe method of analysis.

THC is usually tracked for up to 24 hours as it is physical residues in the oral cavity that are detected. In some cases, small traces of THC can remain in the oral cavity for more than 24 hours, which can give a detection time of about 2-3 days. Here, blood is the absolute best option to follow THC tapering.

We track heroin for a longer time in saliva than the 24-hour average detection time for analysis in urine.

Detection times in saliva analysis

In a saliva analysis, we can see both parent substance and metabolite, which means that saliva samples provide a detection time comparable to urine analyses, and sometimes significantly longer. The detection time varies between 2 to 7 days, sometimes longer, depending on the drug.


Threshold values

Stated limit values in our analyzes differ between drug groups and different substances. Contact us to get information about what is included in our multi-analysis and which limit values are applied.

This is how the sampling works

The test is easy to take, the risk of manipulation is basically non-existent and you can take as many tests as you like one after the other.

Make sure that the person taking the sample does not have liquid or anything else in their mouth.


Open the box with the sample material and then open the package with the saliva collector/spatula.

Instruct the sample taker to place the spatula under the tongue and then gently bite the plastic part to wet the filter. The spatula should remain in the mouth until the indicator shows blue.

When the indicator turns blue, open the test tube with blue-green solution (it's easiest to pull straight up). Be careful not to spill the contents. Then lower the spatula into the test tube with the liquid and ensure that the cap is firmly attached.


Attach a barcode to the test tube. Place the tube in the supplied plastic bag, seal the bag and close the box.

You fill in the referral online in our analysis portal. You manage both the referral and the test answer in the portal.

After you fill out the referral online, mail the box in
nearest mailbox. Postage is paid and the address is pre-printed.

"With the market's broadest multi-assay in saliva, we track over 70 substances in a saliva sample. Prodia always performs directly verified analyses, without prior screening to avoid the risk of error margins that antibody-based methods can entail. The sample is analyzed with low limit values that provide longer traceability. The samples are always weighed upon arrival at the lab to be able to measure the amount of saliva and further perform an analysis that generates test results with a measured quantity indication per substance. This means that you get an analysis that is carried out with the utmost precision and with a breadth that reflects the actual abuse in society."

Sabina Karlsson

 Sabina Karlsson CEO

You will receive your test results in the analysis portal within 5 working days of sending the saliva sample.

You get the test answer directly from our laboratory, in English. We receive copies of all test results, so if you have questions about the results, you can always call us and we will help you interpret them.

We do these analyses

Våra analyser visar både modersubstans och metabolit. Du ser därför tydligt om substansen är utsöndrad från kroppen eller om klienten bara tillsatt lite drog i munnen före provtagning. Analysen kan alltså berätta om din klient har tagit sitt ordinerade läkemedel eller försökt manipulera provet.

Alla provsvar du får är kvantifierade och juridiskt hållbara.

Our saliva analyses


Over 70 drugs and medicines

Intoxication analysis

2,000 substances,
shorter track time

Big amphetamine analysis

About 80 pcs including cathinones and nets, designer drugs

Large Benzodiazepine Analysis

About 70 pcs including Z-drugs and nets, designer drugs

Large opiate/opioid analysis

About 75 pcs including other painkillers and net, designer drugs

Separation of D- and L-amphetamine

Distinguishes Elvanse from abuse amphetamine


About 160 pcs

Separation of R-/S-ketamine

Distinguishes medicinal ketamine from street ketamine


Indicates current alcohol concentration

 the forensic laboratory MVZ Labor Dessau Kassel GmbH in Germany.

Our laboratory

The forensic medicine laboratory MVZ Labor Dessau outside Berlin in Germany belongs to the absolute top tier in addiction analysis in Europe. By cooperating with them, we can offer broad analyses, low limit values and legally valid answers from saliva samples. The collaboration makes us at Prodia a leader in saliva as well as urine and blood analyzes on the Nordic market.

For many years, the laboratory has been fully accredited by German Dakks, with which Swedish Swedac has an agreement. The agreement is a so-called MLA agreement. This means that analyzes from MVZ Labor Dessau provide legally sustainable results that can, for example, be used as evidence in trials also in Sweden.

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