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Our drug testing services and products are specially developed for professional users in government, healthcare and treatment


Optimized quick tests

International analytical quality

Follow-up & evaluation

Over 25 years of experience

Education & support

Prodia Professional®
Reliable rapid tests and laboratory analyzes for drug detection.

Drug tests for treatment centers & care providers

Pontus Samuelsson
Western, northern Sweden and Norway

+46 40-689 34 44

 Pontus Samuelsson Western and Northern Sweden 040-685 87 86

Christian Sjöberg
Southern Sweden

+46 40-685 87 86

Christian Sjöberg Southern Sweden 040-685 87 86

Caroline Mildh
middle Sweden

+46 40-680 89 96

Caroline Mildh Central Sweden 040-685 87 86


Several substances in one analysis

Our multi-analysis in saliva detects over 70 drugs and medicines in one and the same sample.


Legally sustainable results

Våra analyser ger dig pålitliga svar som är juridiskt hållbara.


Used by caregivers

We have 1800+ regions and municipalities across the country.

This is how detection times work

Tre faktorer samspelar för att korrekt tolka en drogs detektionstid: intag, halveringstid och gränsvärde. Våra drogtester och analyser ger en längre detektionstid tack vare optimerade gränsvärden.

This is how detection times work.

Saliva, blood

or urine?

A saliva sample is safe, relatively quick and does not risk being perceived as privacy-infringing. The test gives a reliable and legally valid result during analysis.

Are legally sustainable

Gives results within a week

Shows parent substances and metabolites

Traces amphetamine the longest of all analyses

Analyzes over 70 substances in the same sample

Urinalysis gives you a long detection time and verification immediately, which gives you a legally valid analysis answer. A urine sample must always be monitored during sample collection as the risk of manipulation is high.

Are legally sustainable

Gives results within a week

Analyzes the entire drug group

Manipulation control included

Laboratory kit with hygienic system

A blood sample can be taken either venously or capillary. Blood analyzes give a slightly shorter tracking time than urine and saliva analyses. However, there are exceptions for certain substances. An analysis of a blood sample always gives a legally valid result.

Are legally sustainable

Ger resultat inom en vecka

Detects up to 80 drugs in a sample

Shows parent substances and metabolites

Most reliable analysis to follow benzodiazepines

What you want out of drug testing determines which analysis you should order.

Our German laboratory can analyze for up to 100 times lower limit values than Swedish. It gives us an incomparably unbeatable tracking time from intake and an opportunity for you to follow in detail the concentration of a drug or medicine in a patient.

Leading drug analyses

In the Portal, you get a smooth and secure overview of your patients' test results. You can post referrals, follow up test results and get support. All data is stored securely according to GDPR.

The portal

How do I interpret a laboratory result? Could we have missed a possible cross-reaction? How reliable are the results of the drug tests? Our overall concept includes full support all the way.

Non-stop support
Drug tests for treatment centers and caregivers.
Prodia Professional®

An overall concept for treatment homes and care providers

From start to result interpretation. We are with you and your business throughout the entire drug testing process. You get complete laboratory service , support , training and drug tests with a guarantee that means we pay for the verification analysis in case the rapid test turns out to be incorrect. Prodia Professional for professional use is the concept we develop to best support your drug testing business.

You can always trust your drug test. Should the result from a rapid test not agree with the verification, this indicates a hitherto unknown cross-reaction. You never pay for that verification.

Detects up to 21 substances in 5 minutes

Rapid tests can test the presence of a single substance or several drugs simultaneously in the same sample. Depending on which drug(s) you want to test for, you use drug tests in the form of single or multiple tests.

Rapid test in urine
Rapid urine test
Single stick for drug testing

With our single sticks, you can test only the drug you are interested in knowing the result for. The drug tests are easy to handle and test substances such as amphetamines, benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, cannabis, cocaine, methadone, methamphetamine, opiates and more.

Our single tests are developed to test the presence of substances in a urine sample.

All our single tests are CE-marked and give a reliable result after just five minutes.

Multistick for drug testing

Our multisticks can reliably test up to 21 drugs in the same sample. In combinations from four substances and up, the multi-sticks are reliable drug tests that detect our most common substances such as amphetamines, benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, cannabis, cocaine, methadone, methamphetamine, opiates and more.

Our multitests give the most reliable results and the longest detection time in urine, but are also available as quick tests for saliva.

All our multitests are CE-marked and give a reliable result after just five minutes.

Check for cross-reactions

Here you can search for test results and find out what may have caused the result. Or vice versa.

Cross reactions, how does it work?
Safe drug testing is cost-effective

Prodia is one of the few suppliers that offers direct verification (without options) of all 70-100 substances in saliva, urine or blood, which saves you both time and money.

Our German laboratory can analyze up to 100 times lower limit values than an average Swedish laboratory, which means that the abuse can be caught even at low levels with the help of only one analysis.

Prodia Professional®
Safe drug testing is cost-effective
Analys av droger på ett laboratorie med labbutrustning.
One-step analysis verifies the drug instantly

A sample can be analyzed in one or two steps to verify. When the analysis takes place in two stages, a screening test is first performed. That sample is not legally valid and is only used to screen out negative samples that are never subsequently verified with legally valid analysis. The screening can be compared to the one you have already done yourself with the help of a quick test. The risk with the screening test is that too high limit values miss drugs in samples that should have gone on to verification analysis.

Our laboratory always performs the analysis in a single step. We consider your rapid test as the screening and can give you a legally valid verification right away if the sample shows the presence of drugs. With this way of working, we avoid an unnecessary extra step and do not miss a positive result from a drug test.

Prodia Professional®

Quick answers

Legally sustainable results

Optimized limit values

Verification guarantee

No unnecessary steps

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