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Urine ID


Check that the urine is clean by dipping a Urine ID strip into the urine, pick up immediately and read within a minute. Compare the test with the color fields on the can.

The test analyzes:

Creatinine - Shows urine concentration/dilution. Urine samples with a value lower than 2 should not be taken into account, it is then too diluted to be able to detect any drug in the urine sample.

SG/ Specific Gravity - Indicates dilution. Normal values for adults are 1.016-1.027. Increased protein intake gives increased value. The specific weight should be taken into account in combination with the Creatinine value.

Nitrite - Shows additives, eg hydrogen peroxide. However, low levels of up to 3.6mg/dl can occur in the case of urinary tract infection and improperly stored urine samples. Elevated value is counted above 7.5 mg/dl.

Glutaraldehyde - Shows additions of exogenous aldehydes. Note that the presence of ketone bodies in the urine, such as during starvation or dieting, can give a positive result.

pH - Shows the degree of acidity. Normal urine pH varies between 4.5 and 8. Values below 4 and above 9 indicate tampering.

Oxidants/Bleach - Shows possible additions of bleach, hydrogen peroxide and the like. Should not be found in urine.

Pyridinium chlorochromate - Presence of this indicates tampering, should not be present in urine. It destroys the THC acid in the urine.

25 pcs per tube.


Urine ID
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