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Single 3-CMC/3-MMC


Rapid test for the detection of the net drugs 3-CMC, 3-MMC and 4-MEC.

As early as 2021, the Customs Service went out and warned of a sharp increase in the dangerous drug 3-CMC, better known as "crystal". Since then, seizures have only continued to increase and in 2022 they saw a doubling in number. This trend is confirmed by the police, who in the spring of 2023 issued a warning for parties where the drug is offered and used.

3-CMC is marketed as a party drug and it is targeted at the younger generation which makes it particularly serious. Crystal can cause life-threatening side effects in the form of convulsions, psychosis and brain damage.

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The test detects the following substances:

3-CMC 1000/3-MMC 1000


Single 3-CMC/3-MMC drug test
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