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Drug dialogue

Discover our series of talks where we meet people whose lives have been affected in different ways by drugs. We address current issues, discuss and let our guests tell us about their views on and experiences of drugs based on their unique perspective.

Youtube series

Episode 1 - Drug problems and attitudes

Säg hej till Gunnar Hermansson, redaktör för narkotikapolisföreningens tidning, och Stefan Steiner, polis och spaningsledare inom verksamhet mot organiserad brottslighet. De diskuterar bland annat slumpmässiga drogtester, debatterar om drogmissbruk bör betraktas som en hälsofråga och därmed avkriminalisera bruk, samt om det är köparna som utgör det verkliga problemet.

Episode 2 - A drug-free society

Meet Jessica Vikberg, chairman of RNS, the Swedish Drug-Free Society. She shares her experiences with families connected to substance abuse and young victims. She also gives advice on how to deal with the problem of children and drugs, as well as how parents best act in vulnerable situations. In addition, she discusses the legalization of cannabis in Germany and the increasing acceptance of drug use in the EU.

Episode 3 - Anyone can get caught up in addiction

Here we meet Thomas Lundblad, business developer for Prodia and former drug addict. He shares his life story where a large part of his life was characterized by drug abuse. He talks about his childhood, how the drug abuse started and that he never thought he would become addicted. He talks about his failed football career as a result of the addiction and how he treated his family during the worst time. Fortunately, he recovered from the addiction and is now drug-free.

Se serien på Youtube

Take part in our series on Youtube instead.

Blood analysis


In a capillary blood test, we track THC for about 3 days in case of single intake and up to 1-2 weeks in case of extensive abuse. This makes blood the optimal choice for tracking precisely THC. Depending on which metabolites are present in the sample, one can also rule out or establish whether or not smoking took place recently.

Saliva analysis


In saliva, we track THC for a maximum of 24 hours. The advantage is that you avoid the long trailing values that occur with urine samples, but the disadvantage is that you have a very narrow interval during which it is
possible to track intake. The more the test taker has eaten, drunk and brushed their teeth, the shorter the trace time.



THC is stored in the fatty tissue, which means that someone who has had a long-term addiction will test positive for THC in a urine test for several weeks, if not months, after they stop taking the drug. To check that there is no new intake during that period, you need to send to a lab and get a quota (compensates for dilution).

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