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Venous blood analysis

In blood, we trace broadly and specifically, it is an optimal liquid to detect and trace drugs and medicines in. We see both the parent substance and metabolites and it cannot be manipulated.

Laboratory analysis

Venous blood analysis

When should I choose a blood test?

When should I choose a blood test?

You should choose blood analysis when you want more comprehensive information about what was taken when.

If you want to trace THC, blood analysis is the best option. You don't get long trailing values like in urine and you get a significantly longer trace time than in saliva (usually a few days in blood but can be traced for a week or so in case of long-term abuse).

If you want to test for spice, blood - or saliva - is your absolute most reliable method of analysis.

Blodprov är i princip omöjliga att manipulera, att analysera läkemedel och droger ur blod är alltså en mycket säker och manipulationsfri metod.

Searchable cross-reactions

Rapid tests done in urine samples can give positive results for certain drugs even if the person has not taken the drug in question in its pure form. This is due to cross-reactions that occur when the test's antibodies react with a medication the person is taking. All known cross-reactions are documented and available for you to search.

For cross-reactions

Searchable cross-reactions
This is how limit values work

The limit value is the minimum concentration of a drug that a test or analysis can detect. The lower the concentration of a drug an analysis can read from a sample, the lower the limit value of the analysis.

Our tests are designed to optimize drug discovery while excluding false positives.

More about limit values

This is how limit values work
Our forensic laboratory

For the analysis of samples, we have been cooperating for many years with the accredited forensic laboratory MVZ Labor Dessau Kassel GmbH in Germany.

MVZ Labor Dessau belongs to the absolute top tier among European laboratories and as a partner we are the exclusive distributor and dealer in Sweden and Scandinavia.

For analyzes of samples, we have been cooperating for many years with the accredited forensic laboratory MVZ Labor Dessau Kassel GmbH in Germany. 
The blood's perfect pH value

Blood is the most optimal liquid to detect and track pharmaceuticals and drugs in thanks to its constant pH value. Human blood has a pH value that is only disturbed under extreme conditions, and since medicines and drugs are dependent on the pH value, blood is the perfect liquid for drug testing. The notion that urine would be the very best liquid to trace THC in is therefore incorrect.

The perfect pH value of the blood
Prodia Blood Analysis

Omöjligt att manipulera

Traces both parent substances and metabolites

Legally sustainable results within a week

Long detection time

Omöjligt att manipulera provet

TDM (therapeutic drug monitoring) is performed in the majority of analyzable substances

The difference between venous and capillary analyses

Venous sample

You take a venous blood sample in the armpit. Such a blood test gives a larger amount of blood, which is always an advantage when the liquid is to be analyzed. When you want to do a TDM (therapeutic drug monitoring), the sample must always be taken intravenously. Venous sampling requires medical training and special handling. In cases where venous sampling is not suitable for your client, we therefore recommend capillary sampling instead.

Capillary sample

You take a capillary blood sample in your finger. This method produces slightly less blood, but has advantages such as speed and that sampling does not require the same medical expertise. Benefits that in some situations may be worth more than the amount of blood. In addition, capillary sampling eliminates the risk of ethanol forming in the blood sample after the sample is taken, which can sometimes lead to falsely detected values. If you intend to order an analysis of, for example, PEth, you should always take the blood sample capillary for that very reason.

We do these analyses

Our analyzes in venous blood track both parent substance and metabolite.

Due to its constant pH value, blood is the optimal liquid to trace both drugs and pharmaceuticals in.

In venous blood, we can analyze the vast majority of drugs and medicines.

Our blood tests in venous blood


About 80 drugs and medicines including concentration for THC

Stor amfetamin-analys

About 80 including cathinones and online/designer drugs

Large Benzodiazepine Analysis

About 70 pcs including Z-drugs and nets, designer drugs

Large opiate/opioid analysis

About 70 including other painkillers and net, designer drugs


About 160 pcs


Rekommenderas kapillärt blod


Therapeutic range of 2.0%


Concentration determination and reference range for the majority of analyzable substances

And many more (all visible in Analysportalen )

Things to think about before a venous blood analysis

In our laboratory, we run all analyzes every day. This means that we can always give you a legally sustainable result within a week. The test answer is anonymized and therefore we can send it to you digitally. We keep copies of all test answers and you can always contact us if you need help interpreting them.

When ordering a blood test, there are certain things that are good to keep in mind. Many analyzes can be done regardless of how the blood sample is taken, but some require a blood sample taken venously, others that the blood sample is taken capillary.

In our analysis portal, you can fill in a referral for venous blood. In the portal, you can see which drugs and medicines are included in the various analyses.

Choose venous blood test when you want to do a TDM to obtain a concentration determination with reference range of drugs or medicines.

Do not choose venous instead of capillary blood test when you want to trace alcohol markers such as EtG or PEth. In our analysis portal, you select a referral for capillary whole blood.

When you want a concentration determination from a capillary or venous blood sample, you need to choose the specific drug group you want to analyze, for example amphetamine or benzodiazepine. When you choose multi-analysis, you will not get a concentration determination.

Om du vill veta om din klient är abstinent trots korrekt totalmetadonvärde, kan du beställa kiralt metadon. Då får du provsvar som visar d-metadon, l-metadon och kvot.

The forensic laboratory MVZ Labor Dessau outside Berlin in Germany belongs to the absolute top tier in saliva analysis

Our laboratory

The forensic laboratory MVZ Labor Dessau outside Berlin in Germany belongs to the absolute top tier in saliva analysis in Europe. By cooperating with them, we can offer broad analyses, low limit values and legally valid answers from saliva samples. The collaboration makes us at Prodia a leader in saliva analysis on the Nordic market.

For many years, the laboratory has been fully accredited by German Dakks, with which Swedish Swedac has an agreement. The agreement is a so-called MLA agreement. This means that analyzes from MVZ Labor Dessau provide legally sustainable results that can, for example, be used as evidence in trials also in Sweden.

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