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The analysis portal

All information about your cases, analyzes and referrals in the same place.

All information kring dina ärenden, analyser och remisser på samma ställe.
Accessible and secure information

The analysis portal is available for our customers who want to be able to fill in and submit referrals for saliva, urine and blood samples digitally. In the portal, you can also read analysis results, submit warranty cases and get access to training materials. The aim is to give you a more accessible overview and increased security throughout the process. All data and communication are handled securely and the portal complies with the Patient Data Act (PDL) regarding information management.

  • Secure login with mobile BankId or SITHS card

  • Fast and secure access to lab answers

  • Support and support via email, phone or chat

  • Complete overview of all analysis responses

  • Fill in and send referrals digitally

  • Create and manage warranty cases digitally

  • Minimized margin of error with fewer intermediaries and handling

  • Current and historical responses and referrals collected

Take the name and social security number of the first person you want to connect

Personal data

Contact our customer service who will add you to our system. Only registered customers can connect to our analytics portal.

Contact Us

Once our customer service has set you up, the registered person can log in with their BankId at

Log in with BankId

When you are registered in our system and the first user has identified himself with BankId, you can add more users yourself.

Add more users
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4 steps to connect to the analytics portal

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