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Länsgemensam Rättspsykiatri i Öjebyn och Vuxenpsykiatrin i Piteå
Customer case

Basic safety
drug testing in psychiatry

County-wide Forensic Psychiatry in Öjebyn and Adult Psychiatry in Piteå in Region Norrbotten changed suppliers of drug tests around 2017. Lina Seger is a specialist nurse in psychiatry and has worked in psychiatry for 19 years. Today, she works across the clinic and she was one of the people who initiated the transition to Prodia's drug tests.

"My loyalty is earned the hard way, and Prodia's products and service have proven themselves reliable."

About the customer

Clinics: County-wide Forensic Psychiatry in Öjebyn and Adult Psychiatry in Piteå

Drug tests: prior to medication prescription, investigations and follow-up of drugs or tapering of drugs

Scope : uneven testing flow, from a few to upwards of 30 people a day

Lina Seger

Specialist nurse in psychiatry

Lina Seger Specialist nurse in psychiatry ​
An increase in quality and financial merit

- For us, switching to Prodia's tests meant an immediate increase in quality and a financial benefit. Previously, we needed to send samples for verification every now and then, which cost both time and money. Now we get answers straight away. This means that we can shift the focus of the work from investigating drugs to starting motivational work immediately. Prodia's sticks are like throwing out a net that catches all abuse right away.

The analogy with the fine-meshed net is valid for Lina, with examples taken from the business.

- We also had patients who immediately noticed that we had changed needles. Some patients knew exactly how much they could take of certain drugs before our old sticks gave out. Now they were both surprised and – I think – a little impressed!

Never want to work without Prodia's tests again

- I want to be super clear that I never worked for Prodia and that I do not in any way receive any kickback or compensation from them. Everything I say comes out of how my work has changed since we started working with them. I can no longer do a good job without their products. That's how good they are.

Security in safe rapid tests

- In our work, we need a quality that can be trusted. We use saliva analyses, which we send to Prodia's laboratory, and rapid tests in urine, which have an incredibly small margin of error. If the patient refuses, we must always verify the answer, and if the result turns out to be incorrect, Prodia will cover the verification cost. What other provider is so confident in their rapid tests?! No! The saliva test is sent for verification directly and tested much more widely in the lab, this means that we get a broad result that is verified directly and also legally sustainable. It is fantastic security to be able to trust our quick tests.

The savior saliva test

- In the meeting with patients, competence and education are important to be able to respond to patients. Patients can be very different and we need to take everything into account in a short time. Our conditions and the patient's history affect the type of drug test we can take. It is not uncommon for our patients to have a history of abuse, in which case a monitored urine sample is not a good idea. In such situations, the saliva analysis is a lifesaver.

Package solution raises the quality level

- It's no secret that there is a shortage of healthcare workers across the country right now. With high staff turnover, it becomes more difficult to maintain a high and consistent level of competence. With the support and availability we have at Prodia, we become less vulnerable. Their package solution where we have support, training and warranty is quality assurance regardless of whether you have worked here for 10 years or two weeks. The tests are not difficult to take, but why we should choose a specific test and when we should choose it, is a knowledge that Prodia has and can always help us with.

"I always want to do as good a job as possible, with as good products as possible."

County-wide Forensic Psychiatry in Öjebyn and Adult Psychiatry in Piteå
Prodia brings us closer to the future

- The technical development is very exciting right now and Prodia is constantly coming up with news and new solutions. They were early with saliva tests which I think will come even more. They have the Analysis portal which allows us to be completely digital and send referrals digitally instead of physically. That's fun and important to know all the time that Prodia is at the forefront.

"Prodia's commitment and willingness to move forward is contagious and makes my job more exciting and even more fun. I usually tell my colleagues if they are having a dull day 'See if you need to place an order or need help with something and call Prodia!'"

Super hospitality and availability

- I always get quick answers right away. When I am in a sampling situation and suddenly need help, they respond immediately. Prodia doesn't want to sell me lots of products, they want me to be able to do my job better. Even when I called Susanne for the first time, I received such a great reception and it has continued ever since. They are available, want to move forward and are inspiring.

Lina notices that the staff grows from both training and feedback.

- Before the start, Susanne herself came to Piteå so that everyone who would work with the tests received training directly from her and created a direct contact. Since then, we have taken digital training courses along the way to keep ourselves up to date at all times. I would also say that the feedback she and others at Prodia give is a type of education, they support and explain when we ask, I and my colleagues grow from that.

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